Transylvania Television: Also referred to as TVTV [[1]]. A puppet-based sitcom for grown ups starring a nosferatu-like vampire named Count LeShoc [[2]], a party Yeti named Furry J. Ackermonster [[3]], Irving Batfink the majordomo of Castle LeShoc, Miss Mansfeild the disembodied skull, Esmerelda the gypsy woman [[4]], and Dwayne (the creature) Frankenstein [[5]]. Feeling his power waning in the modern world, Count Volodmyr LeShoc commits to "upping his game" by investing in this "new medium of television". Sincerely convinced that it is the key to total world domination, he hires an orange yeti fresh out of college to run the main operations board for the station. Upon his arrival, Furry J. Ackermonster (named in homage to "Uncle Forry" Ackerman... creator of "Famous Monsters of Filmland Magazine") discovers that while the station possesses an anemically weak signal, the castle from which it operates houses the fantastically powerful Frankenstein Device... the machine used to bring dead bodies back to life. In a desperate attempt to save himself from "termination", Furry hooks the station's transmitter up to the Frankenstein Device. Before they know it, the monsters of Castle LeShoc are generating a random signal capable of penetrating the entire planet. An additional upshot to this marriage of technological terrors is the propensity of the Device to resurrect and twist dead television shows, creating wholly unbalanced parodies [[6]]. Transylvania Television is the "brainchild that wouldn't die" of Special Effects Artist and Puppeteer Gordon Smuder [[7] and Independent Film Producer Michael Heagle [[8]]. As of December 2009, Transylvania Television has produced two "Web Seasons" of comedy shorts. ]

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