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"They could be Volcanic, But behold!, look at this odd little Tunnel"
―Uncle Matt [src]
Once, A Very long time ago, probably somewhere around last Wednesday, a Fraggle named Traveling Mat set out to explore the World Beyond Doc's Room, and he hasn't been seen since. But that doesn't he's out of touch. Oh no. Every now and then, Traveling Mat sends a letter or a postcard (which is a short film shot on location) to his devoted nephew Gobo. Sometimes he even sends a package. Gobo idolizes his uncle and is determined one day to follow his footsteps (if he can find him). In the meantime, he's content to pore over Mat's pieces of correspondence and to show them proudly to his friends. They, of course, don't believe a word of it. Every show will feature a Traveling Mat segment, showing Mat in his encounters with the real world. As the first Fraggle anthropologist, Mat his a lot to learn about the customs and mores of the people, animals and things he meets when he travels. We see him interviewing

a herd of cows, talking to a traffic light, and otherwise studying-incognito-the natives of the lands he visits. The Traveling Mat segments will permit our international co-producers to localize Fraggle Rock by taking Mat out amongst the real locations and people of their own countries - Fraggle Rock Pitch book

Uncle "Travelling" Matt is a character from the television show Fraggle Rock. He is the Uncle of Gobo Fraggle, who would also like to explore "Outer Space", which is our world. Uncle Matt is seen is almost every episode telling Gobo about one of his adventures, he sends them to Gobo in postcards. Uncle Matt was voiced and performed by Dave Goelz. In the first episode of Fraggle Rock Fraggle Rock: Beginnings Uncle Matt is seen leaving Fraggle Rock. He comes back to Fraggle Rock a few times but enjoys exploring "Outer Space" and the "Silly Creatures", whom are the humans. Gobo would like to be like his Uncle Matt and explore the world of the "Silly Creatures" known as "Outer Space."

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