You Can't Do That Without a Hat is Episode 4 of Fraggle Rock. It aired on January 31, 1983. it was Directed By Perry Rosemond and Written By Jocelyn Stevenson


Boober must learn how to deal with his paranoia and stop worrying all the time! To help, Marjory the Trash Heap advises the Fraggles to give Boober a special hat to guard him for all ills, and it works - until he loses it!


  • This marks the first time Boober takes off his hat.
  • Travelling Matt is a Live Handed Muppet, when he observes the donut.

Doc & Sprocket

Doc wants to create an invention, but thanks to Sprocket, he loses the most important part.


Boober and Red Staring up at the Trash Heap


Uncle Matt Taking off his hat

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You Can't Do That Without a Hat

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