Zeliboba (Зелибобаis a tall furry blue spirit who enjoys nature and lives in the hollow of a gigantic oak tree. He is a very large, somewhat awkward, kind-hearted, warm and trusting character. He has an exceptional nose, which he uses to detect smells, moods, the weather, and even music. Whenever he encounters something new, he sniffs it. Zeliboba is a “Dvorovoi”—a spirit of the courtyard. He has his own vision of the world and nature, and sometimes has his head in the clouds. This can get him into funny situations. Zeliboba collects neckties of all types, sizes and colors. He even has a tie museum on Ulitsa Sezam. His Birthday is April 19.

Zeliboba, along with Businka and Kubik, is one of the three main muppet characters on Ulitsa Sezam, the russian co-production of Sesame Street.

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