Fran Brill • (1993 - 2015)
Jennifer Barnhart • (2016 - present)
Zoe tutu

Zoe is an orange monster puppet from Sesame Street. She loves ballet, as evidenced by her constantly wearing a tutu, though she loves all kinds of dance such as Japanese fan dancing and Irish dancing. She has a pet rock named Rocco.

Zoe is three years old, and her best friend is Elmo. However, she also loves Big Bird and her girlfriends are Rosita and Abby Cadabby. Zoe has an automobile called The Zoe-mobile, which she rides around Sesame Street.

Zoe's Family

A few members of Zoe's family have been mentioned on Sesame Street, such as her Aunt Chloe and her Aunt Giselle, who sent Zoe a tutu. Aunt Giselle lives in Swan Lake. Only the voice of Aunt Chloe has been heard on Sesame Street. Zoe drea picture of her parents while drawing with Big Bird and Elmo in a Season 30 episode.

Zoe and Elmo

As mentioned above, Zoe and Elmo are best friends. In fact, Zoe was introduced as a counterpart for Elmo. In the video "Friends to the Rescue", Zoe and Elmo helped gather fruit and vegetables from outside Mr. Hooper's Store, and then brought the produce inside to protect it from a hurricane.

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